February 20 – 24, 2017
w/ Heather Salmon, Donny Regal and Guest Teacher AYP Founder Jen Healy

Immerse yourself in a transformational rejuvenation retreat in the most lush tropical north shore of Maui, Hawaii.  Join us for this special Mystical Alchemy and Aerial Yoga Play 5 Day Retreat with two options to participate!  Our days begin for everyone with a two hour Mystical Alchemy Yoga and Sound Healing experience with Heather Salmon and Donny Regal.  In the afternoons Retreat participants can explore Maui and venture off to nearby waterfalls, beaches or receive body work, enjoy our onsite spa or just chill and relax.  The evening will culminate with a two hour Aerial Yoga Play workshop with founder Jen Healy.  Alternatively, for those interested in certification in Aerial Yoga Play, Jen will be offering teachers training in the afternoons.

Mystical Alchemy
A mystical science chemist sets clear goals and achieves them through the engagement of practices that connect one with their soul’s purpose and is empowered with spiritual tools to actualize the divine plan for ones life.  Manifesting peace in mind, body, spirit and right relations with the Earth and all of our relations.  The ability to be in control of ones mind and its destiny thereby transforming our world with love.

Aerial Yoga Play
Aerial Yoga Play (AYP & AYRx) combines all the benefits of traditional yoga- flexibility, strength and balance – with the unique conditioning of aerial dance and acrobatics for an exhilarating new way of approaching yoga. Sculpt your body in the air, using our special yoga swings, as you tone muscles, find balance, and increase flexibility.

Come discover how the Aerial Yoga Play swings are one of the most effective tools you can use to

suspend the body, open up the spine, and create more space in the neck and lower back which

provides a unique advantage in rehabilitating these commonly strained areas.


Day of Arrival Feb 20th
3pm – 5pm – Check In
6pm – Vegetarian Supper
7:30 pm – 9pm – Welcoming Sound Healing & Intention Setting Ceremony w AYP Restorative Practice

Daily Schedule & Meal Plan (Feb 21, 22, 23)
8:30 am – 9:30 am – Breakfast
10 am – 12 pm – EVERYONE – Yoga & Sound Healing Class w/ Heather & Donny
12:30 pm – Healthy Vegetarian Lunch

1pm – 6pm – Free time for Retreat Participants to go to beaches, waterfalls, excursions, personal sessions, etc.
2pm – 6pm – AYP Teachers Training

6pm – 8pm – EVERYONE – Aerial Yoga Play Workshop with Jen Healy

Day 5 (Feb 24th)
8:30 am – 9:30 am – Breakfast
10 am – 12 pm – Yoga & Sound Healing Class w/ Heather & Donny + Closing Ceremony in collaboration with Jen Healy
12:30 pm – Healthy Vegetarian Lunch
2pm – Check out