30 Nov 2016

Free Membership

For all membership levels, please begin by registering for a lifetime FREE Membership.

FREE Membership: Access our Free community content and Special offers


Membership Levels and Goodies:

Level I: Community (FREE)
— discussion, forum, body model, intros, specials, gifts

BRONZE Level II: Online Classes ($89/mn)
— Community areas
— discounts on workshops, trainings, retreats,
— unlimited online classes for AYP & AYRx Yoga Swings

SILVER   Level III: Practice  ($39/mn — download protection)
— Community areas
— Access ALL practice videos for swings (replay), bonus course work offered as a free gift, and extra specials and discounts each month

GOLD   Level IV:  Empowerment  ($59/mn — course drip system– one lesson per week)
— Community areas
— Educational membership
— E-course access for empowerment practices and meditation courses
(note: Basic Certification course NOT included in this price)

PLATINUM Level V:  Swing payment plan  ($99/mn with 5-month commitment)
— Community areas
— Rent-to-own swing special with 5-month payment plan!  Just $99/mn. with 5-month subscription.

Jen Healy