Videos: 30-Day Swing Challenge


Take our 30 day swing challenge!
w/ Jen Healy, Founder of Aerial Yoga Play & AYRx


Here’s how it goes:

* Watch a 5-10 min. video every day for 30 days
* Practice the AYP sequence offered each day
* Share your experience in the comment section of the video each day
* At the end of 30 days, when you completed every day, write a testimonial sharing your experience of the swing and practice.
* I’ll chose ONE PERSON to sit down with me for a 5 min. video interview to share what your’ve gained from the practice (this can be done from any where with video chat or Skype).


* Watch one video each day for 30-days, do the practice everyday.
* If you don’t already have one of my yoga swings, get one!!
— I can ship it to you right away (anywhere in the world) so you can practice at home.
* Follow the videos online from anywhere
* Bring your willingness and playful spirit
* Say YES!


DAY 1. Spine
DAY 2. Upper back
DAY 3. Lower Back
DAY 4. Rest

DAY 5. Hips I- sitting pigeon
DAY 6. Hips II- floating B
DAY 7. Legs I- 1/2 floating B
DAY 8. Core I- one leg knee lift
DAY 9. Full body- hang/stretch/strengthen
DAY 10. Leg II- downdog
DAY 11. Arms– plank
DAY 12. Arms & Shoulders- leg loops
DAY 13. Headstand- forward folds
DAY 14. Handstand- upside down dog
DAY 15. Backbends– chill flow
DAY 16. Inversions– peaceful warrior

DAY 17. Core II- crunches/scissors
DAY 18. Quads I- dancing shiva
DAY 19. Shoulders II- hummingbird
DAY 20. Chest- flying butterfly

DAY 21. Neck I- seated stretches
DAY 22. Shoulder/Neck tension- xfactor
DAY 23. Neck II- hammock

DAY 24. Inversions II- peaceful warrior
DAY 25. Core III- plank toetouches
DAY 26. Full Body II- black swan

DAY 27. Arms & Legs- standing poses
DAY 28. Kicks- splits or suptabada
DAY 29. Grounding poses
DAY 30. Relaxation/Meditation




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