Online Zoom/Skype Swing Session


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For those that need to stay at home… we are here to serve your swing needs and have a special offer for you to practice with us!

In this special Skype/Video private swing session with Jen Healy, Founder of Aerial Yoga Play & AYRx Therapeutix, you will gain advanced knowledge and practice for the AYRx Yoga Swing that includes:

    • Master the Basics and incorporate more advanced sequencing into your swing practice
    • How to strengthen your immune system and boost your energy levels

    • Proper posture alignment for maximum benefit

    •  How to heal the spine and address the specific needs of injuries with regular swing use
    •   8 Dynamic and Acrobatic Sequences for more advanced movements and agility in the air (ADVANCED+ STUDENTS ONLY).

    •   Pivot Points & Learning the Physics of the Body
    •  Inversions, Changing Planes, Leveraging Power

    •  Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

This private video call will be $220 per 1h.15min, scheduled via text, email, or phone with Jen Healy.



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